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Mobile Marketing: Success and Failure

I’ve blogged a bunch on various online marketing tactics, and networking platforms, but I’ve yet to touch on one of the greatest growing trends in marketing—mobile marketing.

Why would marketers chose to target consumers through their mobile phones? Several reasons stand out in my mind; the potential reach as well as the fact that it’s personal and portable.

According to Wikipedia, 79.86% of the world’s population owns a mobile phone. If we narrow in on a more local perspective, it was found that 74.1% of Canadians own mobile phones. These figures indicate that there is a great amount of people who can be reached using mobile marketing tactics. Since it’s a common possesion of individuals, it’s seen as a personal tool, that many individual carry with them for the majority of their days. This results in it being very personal item that can act as a way into the intimate lives of individuals. With all things considered, it’s no surprise that marketers are utilizing mobile mediums to capture consumers.

Let’s take a look at some of the various forms of mobile marketing…

SMS: Short Message System aka Text Message

This is a pretty straightforward tactic for marketers and can work in two ways. Either the target audience is messaged directly to their phone about campaigns or promotional service or the marketer encourages consumers (usually through a traditional advertisement) to send a text to a certain number to receive some sort of benefit IE: Send a text to enter contest

MMS: Multimedia Message Service

This form of marketing is just as it sounds, sending various forms of media in single message to consumers. Usually a company will send out a combination of images, audio and video to promote their current campaign or services.

Location Based Marketing aka Geo-targeting

This means of marketing is based on emphasizing the location of consumers. This can be done by companies by having it offer consumers the ability to publically “check in” to its business. As a result, the consumer’s presence at your company is advertised to other potential consumers, aiding in the promotion of one’s business. Consumers can utilize this through their mobile phones with various software and applications.

QR Codes: Barcodes

Marketers display barcodes on traditional and other various forms of advertisement. These barcodes are to be scanned by interested consumers and act as a way of linking the individuals to additional content.

I’ve personally noticed that the amount of QR codes is on the rise. I’m not particularly a fan of this means of marketing, as many QR code tactics are either lacking in value or not properly utilized. By value lacking, I mean that in scanning the QR code, no actual value is gained. The barcode just links you back to the company website, or some other source that could have been accessed without the hassle of scanning. In terms of proper utilization, well… its best described by taking a look at these images:

What’s wrong with these pictures? Besides the fact that they make my palm feel magnetically attracted to my forehead, it highlights basic marketing failures. It is hard for me to fathom that someone actually determined these as an appropriate placements for an advertisements containing QR codes.

Basically, when it comes to mobile marketing, I’m all for it! Of course, it is very important that proper understanding of basic marketing principles such placement are utilized.


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