Eportfolio Assignment: Effective Media Evaluation


This blog post will provide an in-depth analysis into 5 communicational techniques communicated to the target audiences through print, electronic, internet, outdoor and alternative mediums. The analysis will include highlighting the intended message, defining the target market, outlining the positioning strategy and evaluating the overall techniques and associative execution


Source: (Image of Heinz Ketchup Print Advertisement, n.d.)

This print advertisement, found in magazines, illustrates a stack of sliced tomatoes layered upon one another and labeled with the Heinz ketchup bottle product label, whereby underneath is the statement that “No one grows ketchup line Heinz” (Image of Heinz Ketchup Print Advertisement, n.d.).

Target Market
The target market is women and men ages 18-30, and women ages 18-40; this market encompasses college students, and mothers.College students are targeted as they are known for consuming foods that pair well with condiments, and mothers are targeted given that children usually desire ketchup and mothers are, more often than not, the grocery purchasers of a household.

Positioning Strategy

The ad seeks to position the brand & product as being respectful, honest and wholesome. This is seen in wide array of product lines that have been trusted in households since the brand name launch in 1869 (H.J. Heinz Company, n.d.). The given advertisement speaks to the wholesome nature by implying that its ketchup products are “natural” as illustrated by the tomato element.

Message Objectives
Message objectives are to bring awareness to Heinz level of quality and to generate both new and repeat purchases.New purchases are based on enticing the consumer regarding the quality of the product and repeat purchases based on reminding consumers of why they love the brand.

Appeal Techniques
This ad utilizes the appeal technique of rationality.The advertisement appeals to the consumer rationality in that it notes the logic behind choosing its brand for its reputation and quality ingredients.

An authoritative approach in the execution framework of this given advertisement.The main message outlined loud and clear in an assertively phrased statement. In stating that “No one grows ketchup line Heinz”, the company is telling the consumer directly what the message is and how it should be conveyed

Congruency to Media: 5/5- appropriate medium to show simplicity of “natural” ingredients.
Message Clarity: 5/5 speaks message in a clear and authoritative tone.
Visual Appeal: 5/5 colour choice and image vibrancy/realism are appealing.
Relays Benefit: 5/5- denotes the quality ingredients through statement and image.
Reflects Brand’s Character: 5/5 – message aligns with brand personality of honesty and wholesomeness.


“Asking Amy” is a television advertising for Best Buy that featuring comedian Amy Poehler bombarding Best Buy sales staff with questions regarding the vast array of products offers at its stores.

Target Market
The target market of this advertisement in males and females aged 20-30, with low to middle incomes that are technological savvy. These individuals have a behavioural preference for shopping ease, and have urban lifestyles.

Positioning Strategy
Best Buy seeks to be perceived as being honest, and amicable. It promotes its exceptional customer service with the ability to answer all consumer needs regarding its products.

Message Objectives
The objective is to raise awareness of the corporate structure (i.e. No commission) and awareness to the quality of service provided at the organizations stores. The overall objective is to entice individuals to choose Best buy for their technological purchases because of the ease of the experience.

Appeal Technique
The appeal technique used is humour via the portrayal of an unrealistically conflicted consumer who subjects the Best Buy staff to answering her series of humorous and somewhat inappropriate questions

The execution framework used is dramatization mixed with fantasy.Dramatization is seen via the consumer having unanswered questions and transitions through the act of receiving service from the Best Buy Staff, ending in resolution & satisfaction.The fantasy component is illustrated by featuring an extreme personality and disposition coinciding with a situation that one wouldn’t expect to play out in real life, but nonetheless it’s funny to make believe that the situation would occur.

Congruency to Media: 5/5- appropriate TV spot choice to illustrate long-winded interaction between consumer and staff.
Message Clarity: 5/5 message is apparent throughout in staff’s actions, as well as in the ending statement “Thousands of experts ready to help”.
Visual Appeal: 5/5- with the use of a well know comedian, and the humour fast paced interactions, the commercial is extremely visually engaging.
Relays Benefit: 5/5- the benefit of quality consumer service is apparent throughout every aspect of the advertisement.
Reflects Brand’s Character: 5/5- aligns perfectly with Best Buys established character of being easy, helpful and amicable.


This internet banner initially advertised on the Volkswagen website illustrates a VW GTI vehicle of which underneath is a tachometer and the words “hit the gas”. Press on the tachometer then creates interaction whereby the engine revs and the car performs a “burnout”.

Target Market
The target market is males, ages 30-40 years with a moderate income (Knapp, 2009), who enjoy being entertained and seek quality car components.

Positioning Strategy
This internet advertisement seeks to position the VW GTI as a durable and trendy product. Durability is shown in the products ability to withstand the burnout, and trendy in its relation to performing said burnout.

Message Objective
The message objective is to increase consumer’s awareness of the product features, including level of durability. In turn as a result of this awareness, the objective would be that purchases will occur.

Appeal Technique
The appeal technique used is both emotion and rationality.
Emotion is appealed to in the advertisements interactive medium, having consumers “feel” a sort of sense of belonging in being able to participate.
The actual message is translated via a rationality appeal with the concept of the products durability outlined in the “burnout” activity.

The execution frameworks used in this advertisement are animation and demonstration.Animation is present in the fact that the interactive element is digitally designed.Demonstration is shown via the fact that viewers can actually participate in the “burnout” activity, thus virtually testing out the products features.

VW’s internet banner ranks satisfactory in two arenas, with perfect scores in the remainder.

Congruency to Media Selection: 5/5- internet is the most appropriate medium for “mouse click” interaction with consumers.
Message Clarity: 3/5- satisfactory denotes the quality of the product, with room to better clarify the actual USP of the product.
Visual Appeal: 5/5- Interactive component allows for visual engagement as the image is not static, making for a surprise element.
Relays Benefit: 3/5- satisfactorily relays benefit of durability, with a small margin for misinterpretation, nonetheless the margin still exists indicating room for improvement.
Reflects Brand’s Character: 5/5- aligns with the VW brand’s relevant and trendy persona.


Source: (Brand Infection, 2009)

Source: (Brand Infection, 2009)

The Kit Kat Bench Advertisement is a fully functional sidewalk bench converted to look like a kit Kat chocolate bar. The fact that the bench in itself acts as a sign, and it is located outdoors qualifies this as an outdoor promotional tool.

Target Market
The target market is women and males ages 18-15, with lower incomes. These are the individuals who a) frequent bus stops, given that this is where these benches would be located and b) are the largest age category for chocolate bar consumption (Albader, 2012).

Positioning Strategy
The advertisement seeks to have Kit Kat perceived as peaceful and convenient.
Promoted as a relaxing treat that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Message Objectives
The intended message is that you can rely on the Kit Kat product to be a source of relaxation.Illustrated in that the chocolate bar, being the bench, allows for a place to relax. Dually speaking, the consumption of the chocolate bar is to provide a “break” from the everyday routine, implying relaxation.

Appeal Technique
The appeal technique used is humour in the means wit and irony.
The use of the bench is unexpected, and successfully making the connection between the physical relaxation that the chocolate bar bench gives and that which the actual consumption creates.

The execution framework used in demonstration, giving individuals the opportunity to physically use the promotional medium to make the link between their current state of being (i.e.: relaxed) and that of the products benefit.
Target Market

Kit Kat’s outdoor bench advertisement ranked perfect scores in 75% of the categories, with an above average rating in the remainder.

Congruency to Media Selection: 5/5- great choice of medium (i.e. bench), aligns with product shape and takes well to product packaging.
Message Clarity: 5/5- denotes the “break” aspect for which the Kit Kat bar is known.
Visual Appeal: 5/5- the advertisement is exceptionally appealing due to its colour, and medium.
Relays Benefit- 5/5: medium aids in successfully relaying relaxation benefit.
Reflects Brand’s Character- 5/5: advertisement aligns with Kit Kats fun and careful persona.


Source: (Image of Mr. Clean Crosswalk Advertisement, n.d.)

Source: (Image of Mr. Clean Crosswalk Advertisement, n.d.)

The Mr. Clean advertisement illustrated the alternative marketing approach of guerilla marketing whereby a crosswalk compares the benefit of the Mr. Clean product line.Individuals are interactive with the advertisement by being intercepted at crosswalks.

Target Market
The target market is women ages 25-40 who are of low income.Women are the primary household cleaners, and low income individuals are majority of crosswalk users.

Positioning Strategy
With this promotional tactic, Mr. Clean wishes to be perceived as reliable and of quality.
This is seen in the products ability to get the job done (i.e. making the crosswalk clean)

Message Objective
The objective is to bring awareness to the products ability and purpose in cleaning some of the dirtiest surfaces (i.e. crosswalk), as well as to generate purchases.

Appeal Technique
The appeal technique used is humour, given that the advertisement is unexpected and clever in its placement of a crosswalk.

The executional framework used is demonstration, as consumers are to see firsthand the benefits of the product (i.e. how the product works). This is done by having consumers eye witness the difference between a regularly deemed white crosswalk bar and that of Mr. Clean’s standards of white given its specific crosswalk bar.

Mr. Cleans’ crosswalk guerilla marketing technique ranks perfect scores in all criterion categories.

Congruency to Media Selection: 5/5- appropriate medium engage consumers and have them intercept the advertisement in a genuine manner.
Message Clarity: 5/5- clearly relays the quality cleaning power of the product through the visual “white bar” element.
Visual Appeal: 5/5- choice of medium, alongside the clever incorporation of the cleaning power is visually engaging through its uniqueness.
Relays Benefit: 5/5- clearly denotes Mr. Clean’s cleaning power as the product benefit.
Reflects Brand’s Character: 5/5- aligns with Mr. Clean’s brand persona of being innovative and tough, as one needs to be tough to be walked on and remain intact.

Although many of the advertisements evaluated in this post are excellent in delivering the intended message to the target audience while also meeting the outlined evaluation criteria, there was one in particular that was personally found most effective.This advertisement is the “Asking Amy” television ad, as humour was able to consistently keep the attention of the viewer while also subliminally conveying the message of the ease and quality of the Best Buy sales team. This message was once again solidified by having an ending statement of “Thousands of experts ready to help” noting the effectiveness of the team. Notably, the ad was rated 5/5 across the board in the evaluation criteria.


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