The Balance Beam of Marketing.

There always seems to be new ways emerging to market to consumers and as a result, keeping on top of new trends in marketing is vital to a business’ success. By no means do I encourage anyone attempting to try marketing tactics like the baby billboard to the right, but I do encourage everyone to develop a greater understanding of how to properly allocate ones marketing resources.

With online marketing being all the range these days, you might think you’re doing what is best for your company by allocating a minimalistic portion of your marketing budget towards traditional marketing tactics. But are you really?

The answer is simple… No!

Sure, you have to stay ahead of the game and make sure you are up to date with current online market trends and analytics, but traditional marketing tactics are extremely important as well. Why, might you ask? Let me tell you.

The Importance of Traditional Marketing

First off, traditional marketing strategies have been around for a long while already, and as a result, many companies have discovered and implemented efficient and effective ways for using this means of advertising. In essence, traditional marketing procedures are tried and true.  Additionally, Traditional Marketing, such as print, television and radio advertisements reach certain people that online marketing tactics can’t. Not everyone is online, and although it seems to be that many people are making the shift to online activities, a large portion of the population still relies on traditional means for making their purchasing decisions.

However, please do not assume that I’m encouraging all you marketers out there to drop your online marketing budget for the old fashion ways. In fact, you probably will get more bang for your buck using online marketing tactics, as they are typically less costly than advertising by television, radio, or direct mail. There are also great advantages to online marketing, such as the ability to reach a greater amount of people in smaller amount of time.

The main thing I want to relay is that successful marketing, and in turn greater profits, relies on your ability to find balance within your marketing plan. What is right for your company might not be ideal for the next, but evaluating your target market’s needs and behaviours will be beneficial in finding the perfect balance.

How about some tips to get you started?

Find the Perfect Balance

Determine the needs and behaviour of your target market. If your target audience is less technologically savvy, or happens to fall within a specific speciality niche, you may want to consider allocating more (but not all!) funds to traditional rather than online marketing.

Determine which online activities eliminate the need for their traditional marketing counterparts. For example, Michael Millers notes in his book “The Ultimate Web Marketing Guide” that you need not have both traditional direct mail campaigns and electronic mail campaigns. Choose one or the other based on what displays abetter response from your target market.

Lastly, use traditional marketing to support your online tactics. For example, create print media that includes the URL’s to your company’s website, blog, or social media accounts.

Good luck in finding the ying-yang balance within your marketing plan!


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