Hooray for How-to Guides!

I’m the type of person that loves to “do it myself” when it comes to anything I can get my hands on; whether it be a little project, or massive one.

If you’re in a similar boat, then you should check out www.ehow.com (eHow). It’s a neat website I found that provides users with a great deal of information on do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, for free! In addition to providing a multitude of “how-to” guides for hobbies and projects, it also has sections for more serious issues, such as money and banking, and fitness and nutrition.

Honestly, this site is jam packed with loads of useful tips, which is why it has become one of my favourite and frequently visited go-to sites for everyday solutions. Not only is this site helpful for the DIYer’s, but it also comes in handy for marketers as it provides readers with tips and tricks on how to apply marketing theories and strategies in everyday situations.

eHow for Marketers

For all my fellow marketers, check out the following links for marketing related how-to guides and tips:

How to Create a Marketing Plan: http://bit.ly/5IxEwT

How to Market Yourself:  http://bit.ly/AsbExg

How to Conduct Market Research: http://bit.ly/xwCgFX

A Little Background Information…

eHow started up in 1999 and almost went extinct after declaring bankruptcy due to being hit hard with the after effects of the dot-com bust. However, after a few changes in ownership, the eHow site got back on its feet and has been standing strong ever since.

Advantages of eHow

The best thing about eHow has to be its user-friendly format, as every article is written to aid in self-learning through its step by step instruction. On top of this, there are many “how-to” guides in video format, to provide a comprehensive means for learning for the visual user (like myself). Additionally, many of the articles are offered in various languages to accommodate for the DIYers that aren’t strong in the English language, or prefer to read and learn in another language.

Since 2006, Direct Media Inc. has owned this site and has kept it up to date with relevant content, while also revamping it to be in line with new technological trends. One of the ways in which it has done this is by offering a mobile app that allows readers to utilize the website’s content without being next to a computer! Various members use this site as a means for marketing their ideas to the general public, through the free to view features of the site. As an added bonus, readers can promote their favourite articles by sharing them via Facebook, or recommending them using Google’s new +1 button (all of which are easy to do, as eHow has quick links to these options on the side bar of its website).

So before you go off and try to learn a new task on your own, take a looksee at the content available to aid in your venture by visiting www.ehow.com.


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