Social Media Metrics: A StoneMass LLC. Analysis

Just last week, due to my status as a marketing student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, I was given the opportunity  to participate in a lecture on social media metrics given by Michael Senger is the founder and owner of StoneMass LLC.

I was greatly intrigued by the story behind founder and owner of StoneMass LLC. Michael Senger. It was surprising to note the potential for companies like StoneMass, in capturing the revenue thrown away by people who are unable or unwilling to personally market themselves through the use of social media.

StoneMass is a provider of this feature, social media marketing, with little to no effort (and additionally, little cost) on the consumer’s part. Few companies have been able to offer such a product at low prices.

The real reason behind this post is to let you all in on some insight onto what Michael Senger, marketing guru, presented in his lecture. One of the biggest issues that Senger addressed, and hit home with, was the important of keeping up to date with marketing trends. Currently, one of the largest platforms for social marketing is Facebook. So many companies have already been advertising on Facebook, and without having that platform for your own company, you really loose out.

Using social media platforms, a company must utilize measuring metrics to contrast and compare their previous and current marketing tactics to continuously improve. The ways in which we measure metrics are through the use of KPI, key performance indicators. This is a term Senger went into great detail on, emphasizing the importance of measuring everything!

I think it would be neat to take these concepts and go a step further by comparing them to other marketing guru perspectives in the field today.

Philip Kotler
Known for his strategic marketing practices Kotler is a well-known marketer.

Contributions the marking world and recommend tools:
• atmospherics
• demarketing
• megamarketing
• turbomarketing
• synchromarketing

Kotler advises that marketers grasp the analysis of metrics to use as a means of prediction for economic situations and their resulting outcomes.

Avinash Kaushik
Digital marketing, and marketing analytics expert and author.

  • Blogged about various metrics, categorized into “super lame” and “super awesome” based on their contribution to marketers.

Encourages measuring (super awesome metrics):
• loyalty
• recency
• amplification
• economic value

Discourages measuring (super lame metrics):
• clicks
• page views
• visits

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